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Sidecountry Theatre (SCT) has received the rights to begin the development of OPERATION MINDCRIME for the theatre. OPERATION MINDCRIME is a platinum selling progressive metal rock opera originally released by the band (from Bellevue) Queensrÿche in 1988. SCT has been working with former Queensrÿche frontman and co-songwriter Geoff Tate along with his wife Susan to get the project off the ground.

OPERATION MINDCRIME is bold and daring story of true love set amidst a background of political intrigue; think of it as THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE meets ROMEO AND JULIET. While originally released in 1988, the story is remarkably relevant to today’s current social climate. The libretto has been developed by Laura Miller and John Sutherland. OPERATION MINDCRIME fans will not be disappointed; the classic first album remains completely in tact.
A staged reading of OPERATION MINDCRIME, is on track to be mounted in Seattle this September. If successful, a world premiere full production may be developed for 2019.

Artistic Team

Original Concept by Geoff Tate
Music & Lyrics by Geoff Tate, Chris DeGarmo, Scott Rockenfield, Michael Wilton
Book by Laura Caron Miller, John Sutherland

Directed by Crystal Dawn Munkers
Music Direction by Aaron Jodoin

Stay tuned for more more updates as OPERATION MINDCRIME develops.